Code of Ethics


The Code of Ethics signifies voluntary obligation by its members above and beyond the requirement of the law. Its purpose is to let the public know that members intend to maintain a high level of ethics and professional performance in a way that will be beneficial to the public. It also gives clients a basis for confidence that members will service them in accordance with professional standards and competence, objectivity and integrity.

Below are a list of articles members have agreed to comply with in recognition of their obligation to the public and their profession.

  1. We will at all times serve our clients with integrity, competence, and objectivity
  2. We will perform all work for clients in accordance with the latest standards published by AABC
  3. We will assign personnel to projects who are qualified by knowledge, experience and character, and who will carry out each engagement under the direction of a certified member of the Council
  4. We will only certify work on a project which was performed by any employee of our firm
  5. We will only serve a client under terms or conditions that will not impair our objectivity, independence, or integrity
  6. We will advise client personnel of any problems encountered on project and make subsequent recommendations as required
  7. We will review the work of another member only if requested by the client, and shall notify the member of the fact that we have been asked to conduct such a review
  8. We will be fair in our dealings with clients and charge reasonable fees commensurate with the nature of services performed
  9. We will obey the local, provincial and federal laws, rules and regulations affecting our industry, and will abide by the Code of Ethics, policies and Bylaws of the Council

The Council enforces the Code of Ethics by investigating all complaints of violations. Any member found in violation of the Code of Ethics is subject to disciplinary action.